What is Scenar? Active Biofeedback.  Scenar is a hand held medical device that delivers a non invasive, non pharmaceutical, computer modulated, therapeutic electro stimulation onto and through the skin.

It is an active bio feedback device that aids the body in the self healing process and is approved by Health Canada for pain relief; fast, natural pain relief.

What is Scenar Therapy?

Scenar Therapy involves treatment using a hand held device that delivers non-invasive, non toxic computer-modulated therapeutic electro-stimulation onto and through the client’s skin.

It is a reflex bio-feedback medical technology which activates the body’s inherent self-healing mechanisms which can be effective in the treatment of chronic, acute & post operative pain.

How does Scenar Work?

What is Scenar? Scenar sends electrical impulses that stimulate your body’s innate processes to heal. When injured, our nervous system alerts the brain to the trauma by sending messages to it.

The brain responds by sending messengers, chains of proteins called neuropeptides, back to the damaged area to relieve the pain and begin the healing process. One example of these naturally occurring pain-killers is endorphin.

How is Scenar Therapy used?

What is Scenar? Most of the research on SCENAR has focused on reducing pain. Clinical studies have shown it to be effective in reducing lower-back pain, pain following surgery, muscle spasms, chronic, acute & post operative pain.

One study showed improvements for patients who suffered chronic pain, and had exhausted virtually all of the available procedures, including surgical and psychiatric therapies. Studies on patient’s who underwent various types of surgery, including gynaecological, hip and ankle surgery, showed that those treated with electrical stimulation felt less pain and required less pain medication than those who did not have the treatment.

Patients who had hip and ankle surgery showed better range of motion more quickly when treated with electrical stimulation.

Research on patients who had reconstructive hip surgery has shown that those who have less pain recover more quickly, have shorter hospital stays and enjoy better overall recovery. Scenar Health Group have been working in this field for 10 years we have treated 1000’s of people including several high profile world athletes with natural pain control.  If you have pain and have not tried Scenar Therapy – please give as a call.

Why RITM Scenar?

3 ScenarsWhat is Scenar? RITM  is the brand & Scenar is the genuine technology & therapy coming from originators & patent holders RITM OKB Russia.

The Scenar is a device developed by the Russians over 30 years and until Perestroika was a Russian Military secret so it has only been introduced in the west over the past 10 years.

Scenar Health Canada only supply the genuine devices & technology from RITM OKB Russia.

Scenar Practitioners and personal users throughout Canada are using RITM Scenar as a stand alone or adjunct practice to their existing medical treatments.

Also known as Energetic Medicine,RITM Scenar involves no drugs, surgery or injections and is being sort by Professionals and Personal users with chronic and acute pain.

Naturally, RITM Scenar facilitates the body to heal itself.


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