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We all understand the importance of physical health, and although important, emotional health tends to take a back seat to it.  Emotional health may actually be more important than we think. It can actually affect our physical health.

The World Health Organization defines health as the total physical, mental, and social well being of a person. If this is true, then emotional health, (the total of mental and social well being), should be seen as important.  We are continuously on the path toward self healing and transformation.

In Transformational Medicine there are an array of methods to promote healing; physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

“Marcey Shapiro MD, in her book  Transforming the Nature of Health” articulates the perfect prescription for better health: focus on positive energy, forgiveness, and love and where appropriate utilize new technologies and therapies that harmonize with nature to restore balance in our bodies and our lives. She challenges the conventional thinking of modern medicine and invites a new perspective that will help transform health and health care.”

—Helen Gracie, cofounder of Scenar Health

Research has shown that stress before an exam leads students to be more susceptible to viral infections. It has also shown that general stress, over the long term, as with a stressful job or living situation, can lead to heart disease.

This makes sense because there is a strong connection between our brains, (as in what we think or perceive about things) ,and our physical bodies. This is easily observed when we feel scared. The feeling of being scared, or perceiving something as being scary sends our heat racing, our lungs breathing faster, and our palms sweating. It initiates the “fight or Flight” physical response which makes it more likely that we can run away from or fight the perceived danger.

We do not think about the need to make our heart pump faster to in order to give our leg muscles the extra needed oxygen to run away, rather, it is a natural physical response to this emotional reaction. It is an automatic.

The intermediaries between the perceived scary thing and the physical reaction, are stress hormones, or chemicals, that cause your body to have these responses. These stress hormones are also present, in smaller amounts, whenever we are emotionally stressed about something or angry. These stress hormones, over time, cause damage to the heart and kidneys, among other things.

The same is true when we are happy. When we fell relaxed and happy, our brains cause the “feel good” hormone, serotonin, to be released. When this chemical circulates through our system, we have even more feelings of well being, and relax even more, causing our heart and breathing rates to slow down. Even just smiling, without actually “feeling” happy from the start, can cause this to happen. This is because when the muscles used for smiling are activated, the brain is stimulated to release this hormone.

Our brain observes things, and in response, releases chemicals, good or bad, which then circulate throughout the rest of our body, having a real effect on it. This makes it very important to monitor and hopefully regulate our emotional responses to things in order to keep our physical bodies healthy.

One of the new transformational medicine technologies  in Canada is the RITM Scenar Device, cleared by Health Canada.  RITM Scenar Treatments act through the nervous system to assist the brain in regulating our body`s functions. In this process neuropeptides (our body`s pharmacy) are released, resulting in a calming and reduction in pain levels. The resulting increase in emotional health is obvious in most people.

Scenar Health Canada offers Personal & Practitioner Training through the RITM Scenar Institute & Chris Mortensen, Residential Retreats & full customer service on any purchase of a Personal or Professional RITM Scenar Device.  Learn how the  RITM Scenar Device works  .


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