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Scenar Training, What is Scenar Therapy? The RITM Scenar Institute’s 3rd Bi Annual Australasian Scenar Conference is shaping up an  informative and entertaining event to be held at the Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, NSW Australia on 25-28th October, 2012!

The special presenters are now finalising their presentations:

Prof. Tarakanov will share his extensive experiences and give practical Scenar Training applications of using Scenar therapy in the Russian hospital system on complicated cases – the types of cases we see in our clinics so often!


Scenar Training – Complicated Cases in Scenar Therapy.

Prof. Tarakanov is the head of the Emergency Department at the Advanced Scenar Training Faculty for physicians at Rostov State Medical University in Russia, and is the Director of SCENAR-therapy Research Institute.

Prof. Tarakanov will share his extensive experiences of Scenar Training using SCENAR therapy in the Russian hospital system on complicated cases.

On his last visit to Australia in 2010 Prof. Tarakanov proved to be an engaging and entertaining presenter; an opportunity not to be missed!


Scenar Training – Research and Applications

In 2010 Dr Toni Bark introduced SCENAR on a medical mission to the Haiti earthquake relief – her astounding results seeded the SCENAR research being currently conducted at Boston University.

Dr Bark will share these experiences and report on the research, and share how SCENAR is used in her busy practice in Chicago, Illinois.



Scenar Training  -Development OKB RITM

‘Misha’ is a larger-than-life personality whom is well-loved in the SCENAR world. Mischa is responsible for all the professional devices that leave the OKB facility in Russia.

He will be on hand during the conference to provide free service/upgrades on your professional devices and will answer those ‘curly’ questions about the technical characteristics of the devices we all ask!


Scenar Training – Alexander Tarakanov

Alexander is an MD (and Prof. Tarakanov’s son). He will report on some new developments in Scenar Training and SCENAR technology which he has been, along with colleagues in Australia, trialling for the last six months.


Scenar Training – Dr Ross Walker

Dr. Ross Walker is an eminent practicing cardiologist with a passion for people and health – and a passion for SCENAR and works with SCENAR Health!. Considered one of the world’s best keynote speakers and life coaches, he is the author of seven books (all of which have been best sellers).


RITM Scenar Pro Device

Scenar Training – Highlights:

  • Lectures by leaders in RITM SCENAR Institute Technology and application.
  • Free service of your RITM SCENAR device!
  • Generous RITM Scenar Product discounts!
  • STAA recognised CPD points.
  • Simultaneous SCENAR Training Russian-English translation.

The RITM SCENAR Institute’s  3rd Bi Annual Australasian SCENAR Conference is proudly brought to you by RITM Australia & the RITM Scenar Institute who is approved by the patent holders & manufacturers of the genuine RITM Scenar Device – RITM OKB Zao – Russia.


Scenar Training – Enquiries:


Scenar Training

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