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Scenar Training in Canada – RITM Scenar Practitioner – RITM Scenar Institute Lvl 1

Date:               Calgary 9-10th March, 2013

Course:             RITM Scenar Institute Level 1

Venue:              TBA

Participants:      Pain Specialists, Physical Therapists, Sports Medicine, Remedial Massage Therapists and Allied Health Professionals

Scenar Training in Canada:    RITM Scenar is a active/reflex biofeedback medical device.  It is non-toxic and non-invasive; FDA cleared and Health Canada approved for the management of acute, chronic and post operative pain.  RITM Scenar can treat a wide range of issues related to pain.  Clinical data supports the use of  Scenar  therapy and can be used at any stage in the treatment cycle to reduce patients’/clients pain.

A non invasive and non pharma choice, for fast natural pain relief, is available now as a choice for Canadians.

Scenar Training in Canada:    RITM Scenar Institute provides affordable and easy access to RITM Scenar therapy protocols and also to provide a central web location for news and information on RITM Scenar. In conjunction with RITM Scenar Institute Practical Training delivered by accredited RITM Scenar Trainer’s the Institute’s main activities are:

  • to provide structured and comprehensive training to RITM Scenar device owners worldwide, both personal and professional,
  • to gather, translate and distribute scientific information about Scenar technology such as publications, results of clinical trials, and share the experiences of RITM Scenar Therapist world wide,
  • to support RITM OKB ZAO’s authorised distributors by providing marketing and sales information.

The training materials have been written by Chris Mortensen, CEO – RITM Scenar Institute with participation and use of the materials of: A. Revenko, MD; Prof. A. Tarakanov, MD; B. Kulijsky,MD and Y. Grinberg. Training materials have been approved by: Y. Grinberg, Director General RITM OKB ZAO

Scenar Training In Canada  – Scenar Practitioner

You have taken the first and most important step towards introducing RITM Scenar to your patients/clients.   A non invasive & non pharma choice for fast natural pain relief.

  • Certification of attendance from the RITM Scenar Institute following successful completion of Level 1.
  • Further training is available Lvl 2, Lvl 3, Master Class, Women’s Health & Sports Injury courses.
  • Reciprocal linking with the Scenar Health Canada “find a practitioner”
  • Ability to become a reseller with Scenar Health Canada and increase revenue for your business

With purchase of a RITM Scenar Pro or RITM Scenar Pro +; 12 months subscription to RITM Scenar Institute on line videos and worldwide updates and access to the RITM Scenar Institute Worldwide Practitioner Forum.

The most important consideration when choosing a Scenar device is the education and ongoing support. Our comprehensive RITM Scenar Institute certified training program and customer support is second to none.

Scenar Health Canada are an Authorized RITM Distributor, Authorized RITM Scenar Institute Training Company, have a Health Canada Medical Establishment Licence and adhere to all legal requirements.  We only supply the genuine RITM Scenar Device & Accessories.  Our head office is in beautiful British Columbia

The course has a limited number of participants and will fill on a first come first served basis. I encourage you to register as soon as possible.

Toll Free: 1 855 972 3627

Direct:  1 250 231 4468

For details on Course outline:

Scenar Training in Canada  – RITM Scenar Practitioner

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