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Scenar Sport – Alternative Pain Relief.  Elinor Salmon is an amazing young Australian athlete.  In her week she skates, does martial arts & aerial silks.  The main advantage Elinor has is that she has her own personal Scenar Sport device on hand, she does not have to rely on going for treatments & she can treat herself immediately whether she is in acute pain, or  strain or fatigue. Have a look at this video!

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What is Scenar?

The RITM Scenar Device; Professional – Scenar Pro & Personal – Scenar Sport,  is a hand-held  biofeedback device that delivers electrical stimulation through the skin to trigger the body’s own healing process.  The Scenar Sport Device can treat a wide range of issues, including chronic, acute and postoperative pain.    It is non-toxic and non-invasive and FDA cleared and Health Canada approved for the management of acute, chronic and post operative pain. Clinical data supports the use of  RITM Scenar Therapy and Technology and can be used at any stage in the treatment cycle to reduce the athletes pain.

Why use Scenar?

Some Olympic athletes, world champions and professional athletes are already using RITM Scenar medical technology.  The key benefit of  RITM Scenar  therapy and technology is that it is non pharmaceutical, has few contra indications and allows athletes to return to training and competition sooner than other conventional electro – therapy devices.

“For the past two months I have been using my Scenar Sport on my ruptured Patella tendon.  I have found the treatment to be highly and immediately effective. I believe this treatment has really speeded my recovery along & helped with the pain” Mark Impey (Lvl 4 Ski Instructor &  owner of Canadian Ski Quest)

“What impresses me about RITM Scenar therapy is that it gives me (a typical chronic pain degenerative disc disease individual) a method of control that is not reliant on a therapy appointment or medications”   Cindy Devine BScRM PT – 8yr Professional Mountain Biker.

“Our family owns 3 x Scenar Sport + 1 x Recovery Blanket.  Light & easy to travel with RITM Scenar device works on all the pains ailment our family comes up with, we prefer the holistic approach to our health”, The Billet Family.

“RITM Scenar therapy benefits appear to be almost limitless for health & wellbeing”  Torah Bright  210 Winter Olymppic Gold Medalist

What is the difference between RITM Personal Devices?

Source: via Scenar on Pinterest


With every purchase of a Scenar Sport device you receive 2 year warranty, 12 month online video subscription, hard pelican case, pads & leads (value $55) ongoing customer support & comprehensive english training manual.  We want you to be using your Scenar Sport efficiently & effectively.

Call  Scenar Health for further information on the Scenar Pro & Scenar Sport Device sales & training.


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