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Scenar Professional Training. Scenar Health Canada are pleased to announce that Chris Mortensen & Lesia Mortensen will be in Canada in February 2013 to conduct RITM Scenar Institute Courses at the offices of Scenar Health Canada in Rossland BC.

Prerequisite for both courses is that you have completed a RITM Scenar Institute Lvl 1 course.

23/24/25th February 2013 RITM Scenar Institute Level 2 – Chris Mortensen

Scenar Professional Training. RITM Scenar Institute Level 2 reveals a far deeper approach to your Scenar treatments and transfers to faster treatment times and results.

‘Scenar technology’. There is a big difference between using the RITM Scenar device and using the Scenar technology. They are not the same. The RITM Scenar device, as a very effective electro-therapy device, can be successfully utilized by ANY other practice, complementing already existing methods. BUT, it is the use of Scenar technology which will take you into of different realm of practice.

In Level 2 we learn many more such techniques in order to stabilize or ‘set’ the treatment to hold a body response. They may be simply combined with a local approach making a Scenar treatment under 10 minutes but with long lasting effect.

RITM Scenar Professional Training – Introducing Chris Mortensen

Chris Mortensen is regarded as one of the world’s most experienced RITM SCENAR practitioner, educator and presenters.

His passion for RITM SCENAR therapy and educating people about SCENAR technology has earned him a world-wide reputation as a dynamic, engaging and entertaining speaker who ‘lives and walks the talk’.

As CEO of the RITM SCENAR Institute, Chris has been endorsed by the Russian Doctors and originators of SCENAR technology as their English-speaking representative and author of all English language RITM SCENAR training materials.

Chris is also the CEO of Scenar Health Australia.

23/24 & 26/27th February 2013 RITM Scenar Institute Women’s Health & Aesthetics – Lesia Mortensen

Scenar Professional Training. The RITM Scenar Women’s Health seminar is a two day live training seminar devoted to learning how Scenar therapy can help some of the health issues that face women today.  Scenar therapy embraces a medical technology that provides pain relief and restoration of function when non-surgical treatment is a considered option. This practical seminar will encompass the Scenar treatment strategies for complaints specific to women. RITM SCENAR Aesthetic Medicine provides a healthy, long term appearance of the skin. Learn how to reduce fine lines, the appearance of stretch marks and decrease fluid retention together with other valuable techniques for healthy skin. Certificate of attendance issued at completion of course.

Scenar Professional Training – Introducing Lesia Mortensen

Lesia began working with the RITM Scenar  device in 2004 after leaving her highly successful women’s health practice in the UK to settle in Australia.

Trained as a RITM Scenar Therapist to Level 4 by Chris Mortensen and has attended a Master class training with Dr Alexander Revenko and Prof. Alexander Tarakanov.  Lesia is also a RITM Scenar Institute certified trainer offering guidance and support to both personal and professional RITM Scenar  users.

Lesia is currently undertaking undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science with a view to increasing the research available on the applications of RITM Scenar therapy.

Scenar Health Canada are pleased to offer these 2 courses to the growing number of RITM Scenar Professionals in Canada & USA.  Seats will be limited & we are taking bookings immediately.  To secure your place in the course please contact or direct 1 250 231 4468.   Our training facility does have a limited amount of accommodation and we suggest you book that ASAP or we can find you other accommodation with in walking distance.  It is ski season – so if you have a couple of spare days either side of the course please bring your skis – our local mountain is called Red Resort & it is one of the most extreme skiing mountains in North America.

Why do you think we live here?

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direct:   1 250 231 4468

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