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Legal Notice
A genuine RITM SCENAR® device or accessory not purchased through a Licensed RITM Distributor in Canada is deemed “black market”.  These devices are labelled with Russian language labels and signage Learn More
The Ritm Scenar ® Medical Device & Accessories are licensed for sale in Canada in accordance with Canadian Law.

Scenar ® Devices
The RITM SCENAR® devices are all designed to restore balance in the body and is commonly used for – pain management treatments, sports injury, chronic pain treatment and acute pain, post operative pain, injuries, neck pain, knee pain , chronic pain help, inflammation, and general pain relief.  Learn More

Scenar ® Accessories

Add-on Electrodes – to be applied together with any model of RITM SCENAR® device. Learn More

Accessories for your business. Learn More


Therapy Blanket

The Energy Blanket is a non-invasive efficient energy treatment blanket based on the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the body’s internal mechanisms of self-regulation. It also helps to relieve constant tiredness, and improve feelings of well being. EMF Shielding Blanket. Learn More

Manufacturer and patent holder of the original Ritm Scenar ®: Ritm OKB Zao, 99 Petrovskaya Taganrog 34700 Russia