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Scenar Pain Relief – Scenar Reviews – Scenar Health Canada has now been operating for a couple of years in Canada, assisting  people in all sorts pain; acute, chronic & post operative.    Training Allied Practitioners & Home Users on the RITM Scenar Device.

Scenar Pain Relief – RITM Scenar  is a reflex biofeedback device, a type of electrotherapy, applied via our skin stimulating our central nervous system through activation of the C nerve fibers to produce regulatory peptides.  What does that mean?  The RITM Scenar device triggers your own internal mechanisms to deliver accumulative and sustained pain relief.  Fast Natural Pain Relief.  It is non invasive & non  pharmaceutical, FDA & Health Canada cleared for pain relief.

Scenar Pain Relief – Scenar Reviews “I would like to share my experience of my first two Scenar treatments. I had experienced a very debilitating back injury in Sept.of 08 & had been unable to even consider a return to work. I had owned & operated my business for 17 years. Said business being abusy Vint On Premise & Gift Shop.

In November 2009 I was invited by my Physiotherapist, Jackie O’Reilly of Infinity Physio, Rossland BC to participate in a demo for a Scenar Training Course held by Scenar Health Canada.  I went with pretty much no expectations one way or another. I was having a fairly typical day…..pain level of about 6/10 in my back & 8/10 down my right leg ……. & this by Noon. There were several physios at the Scenar Health Canada Level 1 Training Course. They evaluated how I walked before & after. I was amazed to say the least.

I left that demo PAIN FREE…..& spent the afternoon playing with my 2 year old granddaughter…..& I mean playing….ring around the rosey etc.   I felt great Scenar pain relief after this treatment.  Things I had never been able to do with her since my injury. I did hurt again by the next day but I was not worried as I was going back for part two of the demo & after the previous days experience KNEW that the pain could be made to go away with this Scenar biofeedback device.

This was the first real relief I had ever experienced!  I did follow up with regular Scenar Treatments to my Physiotherapist, Jackie O’Reilly (who is now a Scenar Therapist) also purchased  a RITM Scenar Sports Device.   I am on a return to work schedule & did not expect that as a possibility. Scenar certainly has MY recommendation as I believe my future experience would have been one of painkillers & pain”  Rosanne Chobanuk, Rossland

Scenar Pain Relief


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