A new Pain Management Medical Device called RITM Scenar is now legally available in USA & Canada through authorised distributors.   Scenar Health  delivers RITM Scenar Institute (RSI) Practitioner Training Course through out western Canada, USA & Australia.  The RSI Practitioner Training Course is for Allied Healthcare Practitioners who are interested in learning the benefits of the RITM Scenar Device for acute, chronic & post operative pain (fast natural pain relief) for their patients/clients.  The RITM Scenar is a unique pain management medical device as Dr Toni Bark from www.disease-reversal.com explains

Pain Management Medical Device:  What is SCENAR?

RITM Scenar is a non invasive, non pharmaceutical approach to pain management, Health Canada DL2 & FDA cleared.   The Pain Management Medical Device; RITM Scenar &  SCENAR Therapy is presently being used in Canada by Physical Therapists, Naturopathic Drs, Dentists, Remedial Massage Therapists, Pain Specialists, RNs, Animal Practitioners, Aestheticians & Holistic Healthcare Practitioners – their clients are athletes, clients who have acute, chronic and post operative pain, clients who understand the benefits of bringing their body back to homeostasis.   SCENAR Therapy is an excellent adjunct to holistic therapies, the RITM Scenar device taps into the body’s own healing system, reading and responding to each individual’s needs, providing relief by stimulating naturally occurring pain-killing chemicals, and promoting health and vitality.

Pain Management Medical Device  –  RITM Scenar Institute Training Course

RITM Scenar Device

On 13/14th October, 2012 a RITM Scenar Institute (RSI) Lvl 1 Practitioner Training will be held in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  This training program is certified through the RITM Scenar Institute – endorsed by the originators & manufacturers of genuine RITM SCENAR® products.  The (RSI) Lvl 1 Practitioner Training is a two day live training seminar with online training support, lifetime access to the Scenar worldwide practitioner forum and certificate of attendance at completion of seminar. RSI Lvl 1 is an introduction to SCENAR Therapy, the historical development and the position of SCENAR Therapy in modern healthcare, principles of SCENAR treatment and basic methods of treatment.  Class holds maximum of 8 – book to ensure your place to learn this non pharma Pain Management Medical Device:  RITM Scenar efficiently & effectively.

Pain Management Medical Device – Course outline & registration

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