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Pills or Natural Supplements?

Natural supplements for chronic pain can be a legitimate way to relieve pain while still living your life. Standard narcotic pain medicines can provide great pain relief, but at a cost. Those prescriptions medications usually make you feel groggy, out of touch with reality, and make it impossible for a person to safely work or drive a car while taking them, not to mention all the side effects, which include the possibility respiratory arrest, because these pills block the body’s ability to recognize the need to breathe!

 Natural supplements for chronic pain vary greatly in their ability to give pain relief, depending on the underlying cause of pain, but when the right one is taken, it can provide wonderful relief because most of them work at reducing the underlying cause of the pain and not just masking the sensation of pain as the narcotic medications do.

Many of the underlying causes of chronic pain are related to inflammation. There are many natural supplements that act as anti-inflammatory agents. These include turmeric, (a culinary spice used primarily in South


Asian cooking), ginger, (turmeric is also in the ginger family), rosemary, green tea, and willow bark, (the substance which comprises aspirin, another anti-inflammatory, comes from the bark of the willow tree). Omega-3 oils, such as those from flax-seed and fish, are also considered anti-inflammatories  and are especially helpful to those who eat a diet which includes a large amount of red meat, which has been shown to contribute to the inflammatory process.Glucosamine is a natural supplement for chronic pain which has had a lot of research done on it lately and has been shown to be effective for reducing pain that is main due to arthritis and other joint pain whether related to age, over use, or prior injury.Niacinamide, one of the B vitamins, and the supplement Kava, are both good for relieving pain that is due to muscles stiffness and tension.

Natural Supplements for Chronic Pain

Using vitamin D as a supplement for chronic pain has also been shown to reduce some forms of chronic pain, particularly for those with spine and other types of bone pain. One caution with using vitamin D supplements though, it’s is one of the dietary vitamins that can build up in your body and the excess is not excreted in the urine as with vitamin B, so a persons’ vitamin D blood level should be periodically checked if large amounts of this supplement are taken regularly, as to much can become toxic and have devastating effects.

The supplement, Feverfew, has been shown to be effective at preventing migraine headaches for some sufferers. It is not usually effective for getting rid of a migraine once it has started, but should be taken regularly as a preventative.

The above supplements are normally taken by mouth and ingested, whether in the form of a pill, or as part of the persons’ diet. Some supplements, actually do better as a topical treatment, in the form of a cream, such as with the treatment of using capsaicin cream for the relief of chronic pain. Capsaicin is the naturally occurring substance which makes chilli peppers hot. When applied as a cream to the skin, it has been shown to be effective in relieving pain due to diabetic neuropathy, shingles, psoriasis, and sometimes arthritis.

It may be necessary to try different combinations of natural supplements for chronic pain before finding the combination that works for you.

Natural Supplements for Chronic Pain  – Scenar Therapy for Dogs

Our 9/10 year old German Shepherd cross Husky has advanced arthritis and was in pain (panting, wincing in pain) – she was on an anti inflammatory (previcox) every day for approx 2 years and she had to have a blood test every 3 months to make sure her liver was OK.  4 months ago we decided to change her diet & start her on natural supplements for chronic pain.  Glucosamine with Chondroitin twice a day + Emu Oil tablets twice a day – fresh meat, small handful of good quality kibble, coconut oil approx 1 tablespoon twice a day.  She also has a daily treatment of  RITM Scenar Therapy.  (RITM Scenar Device – hand held electrotherapy device for fast natural pain management -Humans & Animals). We have also made sure that she is not overweight as this puts too much stress on her joints and give her long walks every day.  We are now in the middle of winter she seems happy, healthy and does not wince in pain when she lies down.  We do not have to worry about going to the vet every three months for blood tests, nor do we have to give her pharmaceuticals to ease her pain.

Bindi receiving RITM Scenar Therapy daily

Natural Supplements for Chronic Pain

(this article is purely informational and not meant to replace medical advice)

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