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Natural Pain Relief – Wellness Show Vancouver

Scenar Self Treatment

Scenar Health Canada are  excited to be exhibiting the RITM Scenar Personal Pain Relief Device at 2013 Wellness Show in Vancouver on the 15th, 16th & 17th February at the Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building Exhibit Hall B & C.The Wellness Show is now in its’ 21st year and was developed, marketed and produced by New Rave Productions. From 65 exhibitors in year one, to 300+ it has grown to be one of the largest consumer shows in Western Canada.   ”All the resources you need to help find balance in your life” says The Wellness Show Vancouver.

Natural Pain Relief:  Cutting Edge Technology

“One in five Canadians suffer in Chronic Pain” – a statistic by the Canadian Pain Coalition.

RITM Scenar Personal Device is a cutting edge technology that delivers fast natural pain relief.   Pain Specialists & Medical Doctors are recommending the RITM Scenar device for the relief of acute, chronic & post operative pain over TENS.

The RITM Scenar Therapy continues to work in your system stimulating the self regulation process within the body during and after a self treatment.   The goal of RITM Scenar Therapy is to create a change in the body.  This is achieved by stimulating the C nerve fibers to produce our innate chemistry to provide pain relief.

TENS units can bring pain relief while wearing the device. It does not create lasting effects.  In fact, in most situations,once the unit is removed, the pain returns quickly.

There are 3 RITM Scenar Personal Devices for self treatment available; the RITM Scenar Sport D, RITM Scenar Sport & RITM Scenar Home.  All the devices will be available for demonstration at the Wellness Show in Vancouver this weekend.

Natural Pain Relief:  Arthritis pain, Sports Injury, Post Operative Pain

2 years ago Health Canada cleared the RITM Scenar Device for the relief of acute, chronic and post operative pain.  The
RITM Scenar Device and RITM Scenar Therapy improves health outcomes through reducing the need for pharmaceuticals for chronic pain, reduces injury recovery times  and provides a  non invasive and non pharmaceutical self treatment option.

“Our Scenar is the first plan of action for our family for any aches and pains, we also use it on our arthritic dog!” JPS BC

Natural Pain Relief – Self Treatment Training

The RITM Scenar Personal Device is easy to learn to use.  Provided with each device is a c omprehensive English Handbook; Training DVD showing you how to use your RITM Scenar personal device effectively and efficiently.  Plus 12mths subscription to the RITM Scenar Institute where you will find worldwide resources on RITM Scenar as well as up to date pre recorded training videos.   A bonus of a set of Pads & Leads + a pelican case to keep your device protected against the elements & travel.  Scenar Health Canada provide FREE over the phone or internet training with every purchase!

Natural Pain Relief – Scenar Health Canada

We are an authorised RITM Canada Distributor, RITM Scenar Training Company & hold a Medical Device Establishment License with Health Canada.

Allied Health Care Practitioners may consider adding RITM Scenar Therapy to your Health Care Practice.   Scenar Health Canada are an authorized RITM Scenar Training company and hold regular Practitioner Trainings in Canada.  Next RITM Scenar Practitioner Training is in Calgary in March 2013.

For further information please contacts us on (mention the Wellness Show)

What is Scenar?

Scenar Practitioners In Canada?

Arthritis Pain – RITM Scenar Device

Natural Pain Relief –  Wellness Show Vancouver











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