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Legal RITM Scenars In Canada



In Canada the English RITM Scenar is legal and for sale through authorized RITM Distributors in accordance with Health Canada by companies that hold a Medical Device Establishment Licence like Scenar Health Canada.  The RITM Scenar is classed as a Level 2 medical device in most countries.  The legal RITM Scenar have the word Scenar in English on the front, the training materials & device menus are in English, 2 year warranty and Health Canada approved label.  The English RITM Scenar is of higher quality as it is meant for the western world and is FDA Cleared & holds a CE & ISO mark.


Illegal RITM Scenars In Canada





A genuine RITM Scenar device or accessory not purchased through a Licensed RITM Distributor in Canada is deemed “black market”. These devices are labelled with Russian language labels and signage and are not intended to be exported outside Russia or, Russian speaking markets.   They do not carry CE mark and ISO certificates, Health Canada Labelling, do not include manuals in languages other than Russian and their prices are much lower than the export products. Due to price and quality differences, and the nature of the products (Class IIa medical devices are strictly regulated by government authorities in most countries) RITM OKB ZAO and RITM Canada Ltd  distributors will not support the Russian versions that are sold outside Russia or export devices sold through unauthorised sales channels. Please have a look at the warning published on the manufacturers web site



Scenar Health Canada are a Health Canada licensed Medical Device Establishment, have insurance & adhere to the Canadian Law.  We carry legitimate devices bought for the Canadian market directly from RITM CANADA Ltd , the exclusive importers for RITM OKB, Russia the patent holders & manufacturers.  Not all SCENAR devices advertised on the internet are cleared for marketing and sale in Canada.



Please beware of illegal sales by Kalinka Store online – these devices are not produced to the Canadian specifications, carry no Canadian product liability insurance, no warranty by RITM Canada Ltd and the manuals supplied with the devices are in Russian.