Bindi treated by Chris Mortensen

Holistic Dog Treatments. Does electrotherapy work on animals? Have you ever thought about using your RITM Scenar device on your animal?  Try it – they love it.   RITM Scenar is a reflex biofeedback device that relieves pain non invasive & non pharmaceutical.  Treat animals EXACTLY the same as you do people. Dogs & horses respond extremely well to SCENAR Therapy.

Holistic Dog Treatments.  Does electrotherapy work on animals?  The best approach is to start at low enery and slowly work your way up. I have found larger animals (and yes this changes on a case by case basis) such as horses love a RITM Scenar treatment and literally fall asleep in your arms. Have a look at this video from the where you will see Hank the race horse enjoying a RITM Scenar treatment and how it helped speed up his recovery.   Animals have no preconcieved ideas about the Scenar treatment, they understand if something is helping.

BINDI Our dog loves Scenar Therapy and usually falls asleep whilst she is being treated – she has a chronic elbow problem developed before we got her & some times gets very sore.  She has arthritis and has a daily Scenar treatment that helps store her function.

Holistic Dog Treatments – Does electrotherapy work on animals?  The Scenar Device sends electrical impulse via the skin through the central nervous system that stimulate the animals innate processes to heal.  When injured,  their nervous system alerts the brain to the trauma by sending messages of pain. The brain responds by sending messengers, chains of proteins called neuropeptides, back to the damaged area to relieve the pain and begin the healing process.

Do you want to know more about using Scenar Therapy on animals? Have you got an stories on treating animals with SCENAR? – we would love to hear them.

Holistic Dog Treatments – Does electrotherapy work on animals?

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