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Gran Fondo Whistler – Electro Therapy for pain relief – RITM Scenar.  The cycling event is a mass participation that has enjoyed popularity in Europe for decades and is gaining presence in North America.  Gran Fondo Whistler was held on Saturday the 9th September, 2012 from Georgia Street through Stanley Park, over the Lions Gate Bridge, up Taylor Way, along Highway 1 to Horseshoe Bay and then on the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler —so scenic and unique that it makes the ride’s appeal comparable to other destination marathons in cities such as London and Berlin.

At approximately 122km’s the Gran Fondo Whistler is available to everyone from the competitive cyclist to the amateur to enjoy these events.

Thousands of riders from across the country and worldwide participated in the Vancouver-to-Whistler bike ride known as the RBC GranFondo Whistler.  Some 6,000 cyclists started.

Vancouver’s Marvin Guzman crossed the Whistler Village finish line first in a time of 3 hrs, 24 min, 29.5 secs.  Guzman, 22 says “It means a lot. It’s the first race I’ve ever won in my four years of racing.  The riders that came out were strong and it’s nice to know that you can do well against the local field around here.”

Gran Fondo Whistler – Why Use Electro Therapy for pain relief?

Acute Pain, road crashes, cramps, strains all happen on a ride like this.  One Vancouver family decided to seek the assistance of their sister post race who is a nurse and also a trained RITM Scenar Practitioner.  The benefits of this type of electro therapy are vast  – Scenar Therapy is a non-invasive & non-pharmaceutical treatment for pain relief – for athletes it can be applied immediately to an area of strain or injury.  As it happened her brother crashed travelling 50km/hr on the pavement at hour 2 of the race resulting in his head hitting the pavement and cracking his helmet through with his right side of body sustaining road rash and pain on impact.

He remounted after 1 minute and completed the race. RITM Scenar treatment was delivered 2.5 hours after the accident.   Complaints of injury  included right sided pain and stiffness from neck to hip with minor abrasions on elbow and shoulder, hip and knee and  Intense swelling  right mid back area. RITM Scenar treatment   was for 30 min using electrodes, Brushing and 4 direction therapy.   Initial Pain Scale (VAS) 7 End Pain Scale (VAS) 3.  RITM Scenar Treatments continued  30 minutes  day 2 , day 3 and day 4 with minimal bruising developing, swelling gone at day 2, no muscle spasms or cramping from day 1  and full range of movement by day 3.

At 4 days — lack of bruising and thin scab where client usually develops thick ones “this area was never sore.” says cyclist who crashed traveling 50km/hr during bike race

Day 5 Complete recovery after competing in the Gran Fondo Whistler 2012 Race

The RITM Scenar is a hand-held device that delivers electrical stimulation through the skin to trigger the body’s own healing process. It can treat a wide range of issues, including pain and injuries like broken bones, bruises and sprains, or longer-term issues like arthritis or back pain. SCENAR treatment is not painful. It is non-toxic and non-invasive.

Gran Fondo Whistler – Post race results using Electro Therapy called RITM Scenar

Here at the Gran Fondo Whistler finish line is a female cyclist part of this family that was treated post race by RITM Scenar by her sister for 10 minutes each leg.  She says “this is the first time I have finished a race like this and not had to lay down and smother my legs in menthol rub to stop the cramping. Unlike many of the other cyclists I could keep going’

Both of these participants believe that their RITM Scenar treatments post race enabled them to recover much more easily. Next time a pre RITM Scenar treatment will be on the warm up list in order to perform better during the race!

The crash victim has never recovered from similar injuries so quickly and with so little pain.

All athletes can gain enormous benefits from RITM Scenar, whether Olympians, Professional or Amateur.

Learn more about RITM Scenar and Scenar Therapy at  or contact Katrina Mulberry directly at helpmanageme(at)

gran fondo whistler – electro therapy for pain relief






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