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Emu Oil – The Benefits for Chronic Pain. Do you suffer from chronic pain?  There are many things you can use for pain management such as taking supplements for chronic pain but one product that could help with your pain relief is emu oil.  This oil is said to be very good for managing and reducing pain in the body.


Emu Oil – Where does it come from?

Emu Oil has been use for centuries by the Aborigines of Australia.  The Emu Oil comes from the thick layers of fat on the back of the bird. It has been used in the past for making cosmetics but it has been shown that the emu oil has medical properties and can treat chronic pain problems.   Emu Oil is effective against muscle pains, sprains and many types of arthritis.


Emu Oil – And the Medical Community

Dr. Bill Code is one doctor who has recognized the healing properties of Emu Oil.  The oil has high anti-inflammatory properties. He used the Emu Oil himself to address his pain issues with Multiple Sclerosis.   The Oil is high in Oleic Acid so it penetrated quickly into the skin and helps with pain relief and pain management.   You can use the oil to relive muscle pains and to heal wounds as well.   Since the Oleic Acid is anti-inflammatory to eases joint and muscle pain in the body.   The oil won’t clog pores and it has essential fatty acids that the body uses for the repair of tissues and cells in the body.   Essential fatty acids are essential for the body to repair itself and they stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen in the body, and increase energy.   Our cells need these acids for everyday proper functioning.


Emu Oil contains vitmain E and A.  Both of these vitmain work well to heal wounds which make emu oil a good healing agent as well as a product for chronic pain.  If you take supplements for chronic pain you should also include emu oil in your routine.   The linolenic acid which is also found in the oil has been shown to help joint and muscle pain as well.   Those that suffer from Fibromyalgia or Arthritis can find relief by taking emu oil. The pain agents in the oil help reduce the swelling and inflammation that comes from arthritis.   Many sports teams as well as fitness centers use emu oil to relive muscle cramps, pulls, and strains.  This shows that emu oil is very good for pain management.


Emu Oil – Recommendations

According to Dr. Bill Code emu oil  is very good for pain management and can help reduce instances of chronic pain in those that use it.  The Emu Oil can help with your pain issues whether it’s a minor pull, strain or something more serious such as arthritis or Fibromyalgia.  Together with exercise and good nutrition  –  try Emu Oil and see if it helps with your pain relief.  We would be interested to hear about any natural supplements you use for your chronic pain and your pain management.  Please drop us a line.


Emu Oil – Chronic Pain

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