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Electrotherapy Pain Relief – Scenar for Sports Injury reduces Trauma Downtime from Sports Injury.

RITM Scenar Sport is a hand held reflex biofeedback device with built-in electrode that delivers complex electrical  impulse through the skin.  These impulses stimulate the Nervous System to generate Neuropeptides, the key biochemicals needed by the body to heal itself.  Neuropeptides may be considered as our body’s own internal pharmacy.

RITM Scenar, electrotherapy pain relief for Sports Injury, is designed for sport professionals to increase performance effectiveness, reduce trauma downtime and speed-up rehabilitation process.

Pain, cramping soft tissue injuries, contusions, tendon pulls and ligament tears are common conditions readily treatable by Scenar Therapy. Treatment has also proven to be effective in faster recovery  after event from physical exhaustion, tired and aching muscles, and other post-event pains.

RITM Scenar for Sport is a portable, light, drug free & non invasive, easy to operate device that can be used at competitions, training sessions, travelling or other locations of a sports team for fast natural pain relief.

RITM Scenar technology is very effective in speeding the recovery process, injury prevention and quick pain relief.  RITM Scenar is energetic medicine with wide application in Sports.

Suggestions for use:   Professional  Athletes,  Sports Medicine,  Coaches.  Fitness instructors,  Athletes (football, hockey, running, weight lifting, surfing, skiing, mountain climbing, bike riding – the list goes on…………..).

Cindy Devine, BScRM PT, Lvl 1 RITM Scenar Practitioner has been using RITM Scenar now for a couple of years.  She is a PT and also an incredible athlete; 8 yr Professional Mountain Biker, 3x World Medalist, World Downhill Mtn Bike Champion 1990 & Mountain Bike Hall of Fame just to name a few titles.

“It allows me to do what has been natural for me for year’ which is to rub the sore area.  Instead I rub the area with my SCENAR and it delivers a wealth of help to my body.  It feels “right” physically and emotionally I have satisfaction that I am doing something healing for myself exactly when I need to and where I need to”.

Electrotherapy Pain Relief – The training regime for athletes is fierce, and missing time due to an injury is not a welcomed scenario.

Athletes are using RITM Scenar treatments to provide pain relief from their physical training load and sporting injuries. Using Scenar therapy as a pain management treatment is ideal as Scenar is non pharmaceutical, non invasive, timely and convenient. The combination of professional treatments and using a personal device is working, the Scenar Health Group of companies sponsor several professional & olympic athletes worldwide.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a Professional or Olympic Athlete to assess Electrotherapy pain relief in the form a RITM Scenar device.  Talk with Scenar Health Canada (SHCA)  they only supply the genuine RITM Scenar Devices suitable for the Allied Practitioner or for personal use, RITM Scenar Sport or Sport D.  SHCA supply training & over the phone full support, 2 year warranty & hold a Health Canada Medical Device Licence.

Please look on our website for testimonials from some athletes combining Electrotherapy Pain Relief – Scenar for Sports Injury into their daily training.

electrotherapy pain relief – scenar for sports injury



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