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Electro Stimulation Therapy – Scenar Therapist.  Frequency Medicine; Electrotherapy, Neuro Modulation, Reflex Biofeedback Devices – breakthrough technologies delivering a specific energetic impulse onto and through the skin, stimulating the nervous system to trigger your body’s own internal mechanisms.   This technology is revolutationary – expect to hear more about it!

Electro Stimulation Therapy – Scenar Therapist.  Scenar Health Canada started in late 2009 in a small ski town called Rossland BC Canada.   A supportive town with people who really are interested in taking care of their own health.   Rossland is unique as it is quite remote yet attracts all sorts of people and a lot of athletes & weekend warriors.   Health Care Practitioners + Athletes + Weekend Warriors + Health Conscious Folk = Healthy/Active Town!

Electro Stimulation Therapy – Scenar Therapist.  Most of the Scenar Therapist’s you find in the Kootenays are trained through our Training Company RITM Scenar Institute.   The Scenar Practitioners are highly trained and keep their skills up by using online training & study groups for RITM Scenar.

Winter is just around the corner & believe me during the season there are lots of very painful joints, strains & sore muscles, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, acute & chronic pain.    The locals are die hard athletes, some say 1/2 mountain goat whether it is winter or summer they are up and down the mountians here, skiing, cross country, hiking & very shortly mountain biking.

Rossland is a mountain biking mecca, the Kootenay Columbia Trail Society Rossland has 32 trails covering 170kims of and trails of the Rossland Ranges.   This includes the Seven Summits Trail, a continuous trail, 30.4km in length following a high elevation route along the interconnecting alpine ridges west of Rossland past the peaks of the Rossland Range.  The Kootenays is a haven for the active person & outdoor lifestyle.  We have a splattering of world champions and olympic athletes who train year round here.

The people of Rossland & surrounding areas have embraced using the RITM SCENAR Device (a small hand held device for fast natural pain relief) and support Scenar Therapy in the Kootenay Area.

Scenar Health Canada are authorised RITM Canada Distributors , situtated in Rossland & hold regular RITM Scenar Institute training courses both for Practitioners & for Personal Use.  Chris Mortensen, CEO of RITM Scenar Institute & his wife Lesia, will be in Rossland in February 2013 to conduct 2 RITM Scenar Courses.  The courses attract people from all over the world and we love to show them Rossland BC.

We are extremely fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of this world, work in a field were we can help people, have a strong & dedicated Health Care Professional group around us and not only have ground breaking technology to share with the world but are able to work remotely.  11/09/12

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