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Chronic Pain Treatment Options  – What do Pain Specialists do?  The sixth annual PSA (Pain Society of Alberta) conference will be held in Canmore on the September, 2012.

The following interesting topics will be presented:

“Balanced Analgesia to Reduce Opiates” Dr William Code, MD, FRCPC

“Assessment of Pain” Dr Owen Williamson, MBBS FRACS FFPMANZCA

“Chiropractic Orthopedic Specialists – the best kept secret for pain patients” Dr David Stannard, DC, FCCU(C), FACO, FABES

“The Pathophysiology of Low Back Pain” Dr Pam Squire CCFP DCAPM ISAM CPE

“Myofascial Pain: An update on the Quantification of Muscle Pain”  Noorshina Virani, BSCPT, MD, FRCPC

“Chronic Pain – the Disease”  Dawn Petit, RN

“Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome Type 111  The Dar Side of Flexibility”  Kristen Grovue BScPT, MCPA, CGIMS

“Clinical Use of Acupuncture in Pain Control”  Dr Steven K.H. Aung, MD, PhD, FAAFP, CM

“Report from the Pain Summit”  Dr Gaylord Wardell, MD

Chronic Pain Treatment Options:  Pain Society of Alberta Annual Conference

Reflex biofeedback is also one of the Chronic Pain Treatment Options for the relief of not only chronic but acute & post operative pain.  Our Scenar Health Canada team will be at the PSA Annual conference in Alberta in September 2012 exhibiting RITM Scenar Technology & Therapy;  sparking the interests of Pain Management Specialists, Doctors, Researchers, Nurses who are interested a non pharma solution to pain relief.

The Scenar Device is a reflex bio feedback device that works on the central nervous system delivering accumulative & sustained pain relief.  The device is Health Canada & FDA cleared with 30 years of science based research.

Chronic Pain Treatment Options:  Canada in 2020?

What kind of Canada would it be if, by 2020, every Canadian had access to this easy-to-use, hand-held pain control device? To be able to use it as a first-aid, reduce the swelling of a sprained ankle, for example, or alleviate the pain of a sore neck or bad back; to promote healing after injury or surgery, or offer pain-relief for oncology patients and the terminally ill.  The reflex biofeedback device RITM Scenar is the answer.

Think about it. Reduced need for drugs and costly medical intervention. A therapy which benefited the individual and Canadian society as a whole: the health system, the economy, the quality of life of an aging baby boomer generation; reducing the heavy load on doctors, nurses and other health professionals; reducing hospital waiting times.

This is the challenge for the Canadian health community in the lead-up to 2020, to further investigate and hopefully implement Chronic Pain Treatment Options like Scenar Technology & Therapy as one of the breakthrough medical technologies the twentieth-century.

Chronic Pain Treatment Options:  Scenar Health Canada

Scenar Health Canada are the RITM Scenar Professionals in Canada – helping with Chronic Pain Treatment Options for the Practitioner & for Personal Use.  They are an Authorized RITM Scenar Distributor, Authorized RITM Scenar Institute Training Centre & hold a Medical Device Establishment License.  The devices they hold are all Health Canada labelled, English Language, 2 year warranty and come with full instruction via “Hands On” Training or On Line Training together with a “toll free” customer service.


Chronic Pain Treatment Options

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