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Natural Supplements for Chronic Pain – Scenar Therapy for Dogs

Pills or Natural Supplements? Natural supplements for chronic pain can be a legitimate way to relieve pain while still living your life. Standard narcotic pain medicines can provide great pain relief, but at a cost. Those prescriptions medications usually make you feel groggy, out of touch with reality, and make it impossible for a person to safely work or drive a car while taking them, not to…

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Holistic Dog Treatments – Does electrotherapy work on animals?

Holistic Dog Treatments. Does electrotherapy work on animals? Have you ever thought about using your RITM Scenar device on your animal?  Try it – they love it.   RITM Scenar is a reflex biofeedback device that relieves pain non invasive & non pharmaceutical.  Treat animals EXACTLY the same as you do people. Dogs & horses respond extremely well to SCENAR Therapy. Holistic Dog…

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Pain Management for Animals using SCENAR Therapy

Treat animals EXACTLY the same as you do people. Dogs, horses & animals respond extremely well to SCENAR Therapy. BINDI (our SCENAR Animal Ambassador)  loves SCENAR Therapy and often falls asleep whilst she is being treated – she has a chronic elbow problem developed before we got her (she is a rescue dog)  & sometimes gets very sore.   SCENAR has an…

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