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Welcome to Scenar Health Canada

Welcome to Scenar Health Canada

Scenar Health Canada specializes in Training, Sales & Distribution of the genuine RITM Scenar Device.

Established in 2009, Scenar Health Canada has earned a reputation for excellent training and customer service for Health Care Professionals & Home Users of the RITM Scenar Device.

We carry a full range of RITM Scenar devices directly from RITM Canada Ltd, the exclusive RITM Canada company.

RITM Scenar is now distributed worldwide by 5 pole companies; Russia, Europe, Australia, America & Canada.


Scenar Health Canada – What is RITM Scenar Device?

The RITM Scenar device is a handheld reflex biofeedback device that locates & delivers natural pain relief through your skin. The RITM Scenar device is Health Canada and FDA cleared, with a CE mark.

All RITM Scenar devices sold in Canada have a special Health Canada label & are only available from authorized RITM Scenar distributors.

Scenar Health Canada – Why Buy From Us?

We are the “RITM Scenar Specialists” in Canada, we only focus on RITM Scenar devices & accessories with full customer service. We deliver RITM Scenar Institute accredited Professional and Personal Use training courses throughout the year.

We are an Authorized RITM Canada Distributor with a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada and also a RITM Scenar Institute Training Company.

All our trainers are RITM Scenar Instituted accredited for the Professional Level 1,2,3 & Master Class, Sports Injury, Women’s Health & Aesthetics.

We support every Scenar Health sale with full customer service; on line video training, one to one Internet or over the phone training, a comprehensive English manual, 2 year warranty and empowering you to use your RITM Scenar effectively & efficiently.

Scenar Health Canada is part of a worldwide group; Scenar Health Australia(2003) and Scenar Health USA (2008). The Scenar Health Group are very proud to sponsor a group of elite athletes in multiple disciplines like snowboarding, football, baseball, extreme skiing, biking, swimming, gymnastics, running & surfing.


Scenar Health Canada – Where Are You?

Our Scenar Health Office & Training Rooms are in beautiful Rossland in the Kootenay’s. Skiing, biking, hiking, golf, fresh air, lots of reasons to be here in Rossland.

Plenty of athletes, weekend warriors, health conscious & active people who over the past 3 years have been introduced to RITM Scenar device and the benefits of natural pain control.

Our town and surrounding areas is fast becoming a great place to relax, recover & rejuvenate with our “RITM Scenar Residential Program” individually tailored to suit you.

We also have accommodation available for participants of the RITM Scenar Institute training courses.


Scenar Health Canada – What Is Our Vision?

Our vision is to see every household own a RITM Scenar Device, a non-pharma solution for natural pain control.

To be able to use the RITM Scenar device as a first-aid, reduce the swelling of knee, for example, or alleviate the pain of a sore neck or bad back; to promote healing after surgery or injury, or offer natural pain control for oncology patients. Reduce the need for drugs and costly medical intervention.

Our staff are fully trained & are updated consistently by attending RITM Scenar worldwide conferences. We look forward to discussing any questions and helping you with your purchase or training of a RITM Scenar device.

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